The Time to Re-Shape

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About Boro Capital

Boro Capital is a NYC based venture capital firm principally investing in tech and tech-enabled startups in their first round of institutional funding (pre-Seed, Seed). Our deal pipeline originates from a unique set of sources, including strategic relationships with NYC’s top startup accelerator programs and angel groups, which give us early access to some of NYC’s most promising startups. 

Technological innovation was already accelerating prior to the pandemic, but the impacts of covid-19 are now 'fast-forwarding history'. A fundamental technology-driven transformation of our work environment, healthcare, business & manufacturing processes, education, and many other areas is unfolding before our eyes and happening over a much shorter time frame than previously predicted. Some of the changes we foresee include: 

  • Remote work & services are being reinvented (home office, online education, telemedicine, etc.)

  • Automation further accelerates (software, AI and robots) 

  • Supply chains & logistics are adapted (on-shoring, back-up channels, hygiene protocols, etc.) 

  • Retail, travel, and hospitality sectors reinvent themselves

  • Internet & data infrastructure is drastically improved to enable these changes


While many sectors and companies (including start-ups) have been severely disrupted by the pandemic, investing at the earliest stages of growth (pre-Seed, Seed) in this environment allows Boro Capital to better assess future opportunities and risks in light of 'the new normal'. We see a tremendous opportunity and are currently actively sourcing investment opportunities.
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